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Roofing Company Review Platform

July 21, 2018 Blog 0

Hi, my name is Kasher and welcome to my personal blog where I will be reviewing various roofing contractors across the state of Iowa and I will be telling you which ones seemed to be the best and most trusted by other homeowners and consumers out there. I’ve been an active business owner and roofing service provider myself, therefore my criteria and the way I will be ranking these companies can be trusted since I’ve been in the construction industry roughly about two decades now.


Roofing Material Reviews From Personal Experience

I’ve been providing siding, exterior and roofing services for a long time now and I’ve experimented with pretty much all of the roofing materials out there including wooden, metal and slate shingles (which have been the most optimal choice for the homeowners I’ve served honestly) so in case you are a beginner in this or you are looking to hire a construction firm, my goal will be to blog about the best material that is considered as durable when it comes roof repair or even installation, so feel free to refer to my articles if you’ll need to make a decision regarding which material suits your roof best.


My criteria (ranked from the best to worst)

I will critique the roofing firms I will picked based on the criteria mentioned below:

  • How long they have been in business (minimum 5 years)
  • Are they recognized by the trusted institutions (e.g. BBB, Gaf, Owen’s Corning etc.)
  • How good their customer service is
  • Can they handle every roofing project out there and how many projects they’ve completed in total


This will give the readers and me a fairer understanding which contractors to recommend and which ones you should stay away from so that you could have an easier time selecting a professional who already meets the criteria displayed above and have peace of mind when you’ll call them knowing that they are reliable and trustworthy.

Apart from reviewing roofing companies and materials that I’ve found to be the best for residential/commercial properties, I will also be blogging about general topics like how to find great specialists, what to do if a roofing emergency happens, how to become a certified contractor or even how to buy real estate – at least these are the article topics I plan to blog about. Also I plan on being very active on my social media channels so don’t forget to check me out there since I will be releasing very informative content that will help a lot of your guys. Take care!