How To Find Roofing Specialists To Repair The Pitch of Your Property’s Roof

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How To Find Roofing Specialists To Repair The Pitch of Your Property’s Roof

July 22, 2018 Blog 0


Wondering why your roof is leaking and how come you have to put more attention to it than usual? There are a lot of causes that can result in a damaged roof, but from my experience, if you are often experiencing cracks or leaks in your roof, more likely than not the pitch of your roof might have been damaged severely. This might sound strange to some of you guys that the “pitch” of your roof can get altered, but this is not as uncommon as you think and there are many causes that might have caused this. No matter what the situation is, if the levelling of your roof is damaged, you need to take action now and hire the right roofing contractors that could fix your property in order to avoid further damage done.


Potential Causes of a Damaged Roof Pitch and Where To Find Roofers To Deal With It

First of all, just to clarify, the “levelling” or “pitch” of your roof is very important (especially for residential properties) because it serves a few important purposes:

  • It allows the water to flow freely from your roof into the gutters without it building up
  • During winter, it prevents snow from building up on the roof which avoids weight build up
  • During a storm, a levelled roof minimized the amount of total damage done to the roof during hail since it is levelled and not flat (more on flat roofs later)


let’s cover a few possible scenarios that could have caused the roof damage you are experiencing in order to figure out and pinpoint a possible solution. During the decades of working in the construction and roofing industry, I’ve concluded that these are the following scenarios that cause bad roof levelling the most often:

  • Unexperienced roofing contractors made severe mistakes when working on your roof
  • The property was bought from a previous homeowner who hired bad construction workers that made mistakes
  • The roof was damaged by a hail storm
  • Or the property is simply very old, it needs property maintenance as soon as possible, but the homeowner did not take action

90% of the time, one or multiple of the causes mentioned above are the reasons why your roof’s levelling is damaged and why it’s experiencing leaks all the time. So now that we have talked about the causes of this, what can you do about it? How can you find the right experts (and not the ones you hired before if you are positive that they were the ones responsible for the damage done) in order to fix your roof? Before we do that, I must talk about the options you have regarding this in order to help you decide what you want to do with the broken roof.



What Are The Options Available For Me To Fix My Property’s Roof?

Roof Repair and Constant Maintenance

I don’t recommend this option to be honest because if your roof has experienced a lot of damage, the best thing to do would be to simply replace it, but if you have a low budget and you want to take care of this problem as soon as possible, you can hire a roofing specialist to repair the pitch, fix the holes that are causes the leaks in your roof and then hire a roof maintenance expert every 3 months to make sure your property is in a decent condition for you to live in it. After you’ve got a budget saved up, I suggest the following option below.


a detailed image of how the pitch of your roof is constructed

a detailed image of how the pitch of your roof is constructed


Complete Roof Reinstallation and Replacement

See, if you have a bad roof pitch, this is not an issue that can be fixed just by “repairing” your roof. The entire roof of your house needs to be replaced in order to make sure this issue is solved entirely.


How To Find The Right Roofers To Get The Job Done

I am fairly surprised when people who have experienced roofing problems before like damaged roof levelling, hire the very same experts who could have potentially caused the issue in the first place. Do not be one of those homeowners who do that. Do your own research, find a new local contractor that has a lot of decent reviews, are in business for at least a decade like and who are verified by large roofing institutions like GAF, Owens Corning or the Better Business Bureau at least.